Charity Shop Style: Part 1

There’s nothing I like more than grabbing a bargain in a charity shop and saving myself a few quid (whilst also helping out a good cause of course), and I can often by found rummaging through rails and boxes for that next find.

This is the first of what I expect will be many posts on the amazing items you can pick up second-hand, if you take the time to look, in the hope that I’ll encourage others to venture away from the high-street and to shop second-hand every now and again.

This week, I visited Harrogate, where, amongst the high end clothing stores are an abundance of charity shops, which often, as I’ve found, contain many of those high-end items, either donated by previous owners, or in some cases by the stores themselves as I’ve found a lot of items to be brand new but sold at a heavy discount. Not only can you bag a bargain, but also find items from stores that you wouldn’t usually shop in.

Here’s what I picked up this week, for a grand total of about £10!

The Breton top

Cos Breton top. £3.95, charity shop

I’ve lost count of the number of stripey tops in my wardrobe, but you really can’t go wrong with a Breton, and I seem to be magnetically drawn to them whenever I enter a store. I was especially pleased when I picked up this Cos boxy Breton for £3.95!

Cos is one of my favourite stores, but a little pricey for my usual budget, so I was over the moon with this, especially as it’s exactly the kind of thing I would treat myself to full price.

Banana Republic basics

Banana Republic black skirt. £4.95, charity shop

With stores primarily in London, I’ve never actually shopped in Banana Republic, but this is the second skirt from them that I’ve picked up second hand. For £4.95 this will make a great basic for days when I can’t decide what to wear, plus it’s really cute! I love finding brands that I don’t usually get to shop for.

The 99p dress!

Tu black dress, 99p, charity shop

As you can probably tell, I love my basic pieces, and a decent black dress is a must. I love this dress as the pleated skirt is just the right length for a sophisticated look, dressed up or down,  and the weight of the fabric makes it feel of good quality. I actually couldn’t believe it when I looked at the label and it’s only from Tu, a supermarket brand, so probably wasn’t that pricey in the fist place, but who cares for 99p!


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