Two-Minute Neck Tie

Loads of blouses in the shops this season come with a neck tie, but as I’ve already got plenty of blouses that I love, I didn’t want to buy more just to be part of the neck tie trend.

On closer inspection of some blouses available to buy, the tie was little more than a piece of ribbon or fabric, sometimes not even attached to the collar, so I thought why not have a go at making my own?

I made this one in just a couple minutes from a length of black thin ribbon from the haberdashery (about 34 inches), and a couple of beads I had left over from previous craft projects. Simply thread a bead onto each end of the ribbon, and tie a double knot so it doesn’t fall off!


I think this is bang on trend, and a really cute alternative to a necklace. It was so quick and simple to make, I’m going to experiment with different colours and widths of ribbon, and with different beads, for a quick and easy re-vamp to any blouse. Give it a go!


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