I’d like to tell you about my Fossil collection

No, I’m not talking about dinosaurs. Think handbags and purses instead!

My Fossil collection started about 3 years ago, when after becoming frustrated at the short amount of time my high-street handbags would last, I went in search of a quality handbag at a reasonable price.

I’ve always had a thing for bags and purses, even when I was little I would take a bag everywhere with me, packed with my most prized possessions, whether we were going on holiday, visiting grandparents, or just going to the corner shop. Whether this was out of fear that the house would burn down or we’d be burgled while we were out, the need to have my favourite things with me at all times, or simply the pleasure of packing a bag, I’ll never know, but whatever the reason, my love of bags started pretty early on and has never ended.

There’s some lovely looking bags on the high-street at a great price, but this became a false economy for me as the handles would soon become frayed (ok, yes, I probably still do try and pack too much stuff in), the ‘leather’ would quickly become scuffed, and zips and straps would break. So, there began my quest for an affordable but good quality handbag.

It was actually my mum who recommended Fossil to me, as she’s a fan of their watches, and thought that if the quality of those was anything to go by then the bags would probably be pretty good too. Up until this point I’d never really even looked at Fossil bags, so when I did I was pleasantly surprised, not only at the range of colours and styles on offer, but also how timeless the designs were whilst still being stylish.

The first Fossil I chose was this chocolate cross body/shoulder slouchy bag (I can’t remember the name of this one), with a purse in the matching leather. I must have had this for over 3 years now, and after plenty of use (especially the purse), it’s hardly showing any signs of wear. If anything, the leather has got better with age. Despite being through the wars a bit, and caught in many downpours, it’s only just starting to show a couple of small scuffs.


My second choice the following year was this patterned Sydney satchel with matching purse. I’ve used this bag less than any other (the purse has taken a bit of a hammering though), but again there’s no sign of wear and I love the fun pattern on this to brighten up any outfit.


Next up is the Sydney shopper in tan. The is actually the only one that I’ve bought full price as everything else has come from the outlet store (that’s the amazing thing about fossil apart from the quality – there are outlet stores with big discounts and stock just as gorgeous as the stuff in the normal store!). I used this bag pretty much continuously from getting it in March, up until my latest purchase last week. This one’s great for just chucking everything in, and the handles have remained perfectly in tact!


And finally….. the Tessa duffle bag in grey, the latest addition to my collection. I bought this from the outlet last week for £115 and have been attached to it ever since. It’s great for when I want to use a smaller bag and just take a few essentials with me like my purse and phone, and can be worn high on the shoulder or at the hip using the longer strap.


At £100-£200 for a bag on average (based on outlet prices), Fossil are obviously more expensive than other high-street stores, but in my opinion they are definitely worth the investment. And let’s face it, on the handbag expense scale it’s pretty reasonably priced (as much as I’d love a Mulberry they’re just too far out of my price range)!


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