Charity Shop Style: Part 2

This weekend I headed to Bingley Music Live, for a fantastic three-day music festival, with acts including Cast, James, Embrace, Ash, Idlewild and Peter Hook and the Light.

Whilst I spent most of the festival in the obligatory jeans and Breton top, as I dressed for day three I realised that my entire outfit, including my handbag and scarf, came from a charity shop, and I have to say this is now one of my favourite outfits.



I can’t take credit for all of these finds though; the dress and blouse came courtesy of my mum, who, whilst on her travels, has a good old rummage on my behalf and passes on any amazing finds. Luckily, my mum and I have exactly the same taste in clothes so I’m always happy to accept a bag of goodies when I go home (no need for the awkward ‘ohhhh yehhh it’s loooovely…’ before throwing it back in a charity bag).

This basic floral shift dress is actually H&M, and was found for just 99p. I did have to add the button to the front to disguise a small hole (which was luckily right in the middle), but I quite like the added touch of detail.

As the dress is very basic, I think it looks great with this Pins and Needles sheer blouse underneath. I love the detail down the centre front, and it has a key hole back which is really cute. Again, this was a 99p find!

I’ve had the bag for a little while, and it’s an absolute favourite of mine as it goes with everything and is the perfect size for just the essentials. I think the houndstooth print gives it a retro look too. I can’t honestly remember how much I paid for this, but it can’t have been more than £3.


WIN_20150908_172238Finally, the scarf. These types of scarf are great for Autumn, and always come in beautiful colours and patterns. Although from a charity shop I believe this was actually new when I bought it, and I’ve bought a couple of similar ones since as gifts.

I wore this with Converse which unfortunately weren’t a charity shop find, but excluding them, this outfit cost no more than £8!

It just goes to show that you can find great stuff second-hand, and I actually think shopping in charity shops makes you re-think how you wear outfits. Had I bought this dress on the high-street I may not have thought to pair it with a blouse like this, but I love it when you just stumble upon a great outfit. By shopping second-hand you can take more risks and try out new ideas without breaking the bank!

I’ll certainly be sending my personal shopper (erm…I mean mum) on the lookout for more bargains!


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