DIY Denim

The denim jacket. Never goes out of fashion does it? I’ve had an on-off relationship with mine, as although I always love how they look on other people, sometimes when I put mine on I don’t feel very comfortable. Something about wearing it makes me feel a bit un-feminine, and I wear jeans a lot and have never embraced the double-denim look.

Anyway, that’s why I thought it was about time I gave my jacket a re-vamp, to try and turn it into something I want to wear more often.

This jacket was actually another charity shop find for about £5. I had a lovely Topshop jacket about 15 years ago that I sold on eBay a couple of years back, then regretted! Luckily, I found this Dorothy Perkins one second-hand, which I think I actually prefer.


So, down to the customising. I had the idea of adding a panel of fabric to the back section, to liven the jacket up a bit. I raided my fabric stash and had a small amount of this floral print left over, that I thought would work really well, and give my jacket a girly make-over.

I started by simply pinning the fabric to the outside of the jacket, before trimming it to size while it was still pinned. In hindsight, I would have either created a paper template before cutting the fabric to size, or left the fabric larger than I needed it and trimmed it after sewing, which I think would have worked better. But you live and learn!


I then used the machine to zigzag stitch the raw edges of the fabric to the jacket, following the seams that were already there for the back panel. It’s not as neat as I would have liked, as the machine kept pushing the fabric away from the edges, but it all adds to the distressed look.


I’m pretty happy with the result, and if I do this again I know how I can improve the finish. Plus, if I change my mind, or want to change the fabric at any point, it can easily be undone!


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