THE Skirt

Whilst browsing the internet on my lunch break last Friday, Stylist magazine kindly brought my attention to this folk-inspired embroidered skirt from Warehouse.

Said skirt then became the subject of much ‘oooooing’ and ‘ahhhhhing’ between myself and a fellow fashion-loving colleague who just happens to sit next to me. (Warning: this situation proves to be dangerous and results in hard-earned salaries being spent on pretty things).



Anyway, by the time I got home that evening, I had convinced myself to order the skirt, to see whether it was actually as beautiful in real-life as the model online had me believe. (I must admit that the fact that it was ‘limited edition’ lured me in a bit as well). I promised myself that it would be returned if it didn’t meet my expectations 100%. No harm done!WIN_20150914_181214

Before I get into the actual skirt, I have to say I was impressed by Warehouse’s delivery. I placed the order on Friday evening, probably about 6ish, and it landed on my desk this afternoon. Pretty speedy!

I couldn’t resist opening the parcel at work, and without evening taking it out of the packet I was impressed with the detail of the embroidery. At £65 this isn’t cheap, but there’s a lot to it, and it does kind of feel worth the money. As this is a simple mini skirt, I actually looked at prices for embroidered fabrics before I bought it to see if I could make something similar for a fraction of the price, but I was looking at a minimum of £30 a meter for a fabric that wasn’t anywhere near as nice.

My main worry with this skirt was the size (this is also my only complaint about the Warehouse website). The skirt comes in sizes XS, S, M, L etc. yet the description tells us that the model is wearing a size 10 (how?!). The size guide they provide also doesn’t cover S, M, L, only the usual British, American and European sizes, so that wasn’t much help either. I’m a size 8-10, so I took at guess at small, and it just fits, the waistband measuring 27 inches. It’s a little snug with my t-shirt tucked in, but maybe it will be my incentive to lose that last few pounds that I’ve put on recently.


I feel a tiny bit guilty about spending so much on a skirt (to the point that I’m in 2 minds about whether to keep it), but it is a beautiful skirt after all. I love the folk-inspired design and simpleness of the cut. Plus, the assortment of colours in the embroidery give endless options of what to wear this with.

Lastly, the attention to detail on this is fantastic, from the embroidered lines on the hem and waistband, to the pattern matching on the back seam (unfortunately not so much on the sides…). This feels like a skirt I’ll love for a long time.


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