Help! My wardrobe is out of control!

Okay ladies, hands up, whose wardrobe is so out of control that it brings a sense of despair every morning, and brings on panic attacks at the thought of having to find somewhere to squeeze in the latest load of dry laundry? Don’t be shy, I know it’s not just me!

I’ve always had a love of clothes, but due to tight budgets when I was a kid only ever really had what I needed, and nothing more. As soon as I started to earn my own money at 16, my wardrobe grew and grew, and has continued to expand ever since.

I was surprised to read in the December issue of UK Elle Magazine, that Editor in Chief Lorraine Candy faces the very same dilemma every morning in front of her wardrobe that many women do; the inability to decide what to wear, and the feeling that despite a wardrobe full of clothes, no items make a decent complete outfit, a feeling that on a particularly bad day can be enough to reduce a grown woman to tears (we’ve all been there haven’t we?). Surely if one of the most influential and well connected women in fashion has this problem, there’s no hope for the rest of us, is there?


So what does this problem boil down to? If a woman with a wardrobe full of the season’s most stylish clothes can’t find anything to wear, then it must be more than just not having the right pieces. Here’s my theory:

  1. We have too much choice. When I open my wardrobe on a morning it feels very much like a case of ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’. If we’re constantly dismissing certain items, why don’t we just get rid of them so we can focus on the pieces we know look great?
  2. We overthink it. I know black trousers and a Breton top look great, so why am I wasting time trying to fix what isn’t broken by attempting to throw together some other combination that either doesn’t work, or doesn’t suit me?
  3. We care too much about what other people think. If you feel good in an outfit it’ll show, and you’ll look great too. We shouldn’t be dressing for anyone but ourselves.

When I moved house recently, I decided to try and hang all my clothes rather than folding any, so that I could easily see what I’ve got.* I have to say it’s made life much easier when it comes to dressing on a morning, but after filling two double wardrobes (despite giving about 4 bags full to charity), seeing everything in one place has made me even more conscious that it’s time for a good clear out. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to the point of being able to let my other half have one of the wardrobes (the poor guy makes do with an Ikea wardrobe in the spare room) but maybe I can make a bit of space, and de-clutter my mind as well as those rails!


*Images do not include the mountain of laundry currently taking over the spare bed.


2 thoughts on “Help! My wardrobe is out of control!

  1. I have the opposite problem! I got rid of so many clothes after having my first baby because they didn’t fit (and it was quite clear that they never would) and now, onto my third pregnancy, I think I own more maternity clothes than normal ones!


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