A Tale of New Boots & Other Stories

WIN_20151117_173531Once upon a time, a stylish young lady decided it was time for a new pair of boots. Winter was fast approaching, and last year’s low-heel black ankle boots just would not do.

The search began, but without a clear idea of what she wanted, nothing persuaded the young lady to part with her cash.

That is until, she came across a beautiful pair of reptile ankle boots whilst browsing the & other stories website.

A week of lunch times was spent admiring said boots online, before the young lady made up her mind and placed an order. When the expertly packaged & other stories box landed on her desk a few days later, she let out a squeal of delight, and took them home to find that yes, they did go with absolutely everything!

The boots were exactly what she wanted, and will surely last a few winters. They’ve already barely been off her feet! What will the stylish young lady buy next?…





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