I am what I…. or should that be we are what we?: Thoughts on early pregnancy

So, dear readers, in approximately 6 months time I am what I will become we are what we as I’ll be welcoming my first baby into the world. The last 3 months have been an exciting time, and I am of course over the moon, but, being my first pregnancy and having very little idea about what to expect, they haven’t been without feelings of confusion, worry, and doubt.

I’ve been pretty lucky so far, with only very mild morning sickness and a few sleepless nights to complain of, but I just wanted to share some thoughts and observations from my experiences so far:

  1. No matter how much a pregnancy is planned, the moment you find out is still a massive shock (cue Ross and Rachel from Friends moment of stunned silence).
  2. Whether caused by hormones, or just the fact that it’s a very overwhelming situation, you may find yourself bursting into tears when telling people the good news (particularly embarrassing in a work situation). Luckily, people will be pretty understanding.
  3. You’ll feel hunger like never before, but yes, it is ok to eat an entire packet of Jaffa cakes in one sitting, and have a snacking drawer by the bed for when hunger strikes at 4am. It’s equally ok to eat a pre-dinner, dinner, if the thought of waiting for something to be prepared is unbearable.
  4. It’s ok to worry about whether it’s the right time, how work will be affected, and how on earth you’re going to afford to feed another mouth. It’s going to be a huge change to life as you know it, but don’t feel guilty about having these feelings, just be sure to chat through any worries and don’t bottle them up!
  5. It’s amazing seeing your little one for the first time when you go for a scan, but almost unbelievable that something so small can be growing inside you, with it’s own little heartbeat and teeny tiny fingers!
  6. Be prepared for good days, where everything feels completely normal, and bad days where you barely have the energy to lift a cup of de-caf tea.

I have a feeling I’ll be adding to this list a lot over the next few months, and hope to share some of my thoughts on being a first time mum. I’m pretty certain there’s going to be a few ups and downs along the way!

Next stop will be to think about maternity wear, before my jeans start to feel a little uncomfortable! I’m excited for everything that’s yet to come, from finding out whether baby is a girl or a boy, choosing how to decorate the nursery, and thinking about names! It’s like a whole new chapter of my life started as soon as I found out I was pregnant, and I can’t wait to find out what’s on the next page.






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