Realisations at 15 weeks

I’m just over 15 weeks pregnant now, and in the last few days have started to ‘feel’ pregnant for the first time. With this has come a few realisations:

  1. I need to look after myself. Not that I don’t already, but when, in a clumsy moment at home this week I slipped down stairs, I was filled with guilt and worry that I could so easily have caused more damage to myself and my baby than a few bruises. I realised at that moment that I already love and care for the son or daughter I’ll soon have more than anything in the world.
  2. My priorities have drastically changed. Where a few months ago items on my Christmas wish list were mounting up, I now realise I have more than enough stuff and want nothing more than a healthy baby and a beautiful home for him or her to grow up in. My main concern is getting my new house up to scratch, and saving a few pennies!
  3. Maternity clothes are surprisingly hard to find on the high-street. While I can still fit into most of my clothes for now, it won’t be long before my favourite skinny jeans are relegated to the back of the wardrobe. While Christmas shopping yesterday, I had a look in a few stores only to find that either their maternity range was not stocked at all, or the small selection on offer was completely unappealing (I’m talking about you, H&M). I understand that maternity wear isn’t what the majority of customers go in store for,┬ábut these weren’t small stores. Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong places, but looks like I’ll be heading online instead. Any suggestions welcome!