Decorating Diaries

I’ve had a bit of a blogging holiday for a few weeks, after finding myself caught up in the busy world of homeownership.

This is a world where any extra pennies (of which there are few) are spent on paint brushes and picture hooks, and at any given moment I can be found staring blankly at a half finished room with paint in my hair. If I’m not doing that, I’m browsing online for the wallpaper that’s ‘the one’, and discovering there’s a whole world of lampshades and doorknobs I never knew existed. All this, paired with becoming increasingly pregnant (24 weeks and counting), has left little time or energy to write, and whilst in my mind’s eye I can envision every room immaculately decorated, the end is still far from in sight.

Even though we moved into our home four months ago now, work to make it our own has only just begun, due to some essential electrical work that had to be carried out first (watch out for my post on lessons I’ve learnt as a first time buyer).

In an attempt to stop neglecting my blog, I thought I’d share a few updates as I go. The first I wanted to share is this fabulous wall sticker I purchased last week, which we’ve put in what will be the nursery for our soon-to-be-born little lady.


Easy to put up, although a little fiddly, we were ridiculously happy with how this turned out. It’s completely transformed and livened up the otherwise very white walls of what’s currently our spare room. At only £10 in the sale from Mamas and Papas, it’s worth every penny. This, with the Scion little fox wallpaper we’ve chosen for the chimney breast wall, creates a whimsical woodland theme for baby (fingers crossed she doesn’t develop a fear of woodland creatures).


You may think the wallpaper is an unusual choice for a baby girl’s room, but I’ve never been one for anything pink and girly, and wanted the room to reflect our personalities and taste. I think this will add a splash of colour and fun, without being too ‘girly’, and should see us through a good few years. I got this from as it was slightly cheaper than other retailers (e.g. John Lewis), and because I also ordered our living room wallpaper I qualified for free delivery. The great thing about this is it’s ‘paste the wall’, which I would thoroughly recommend for any first time wallpaperers.

Still some ‘finishing touches’ to go (furniture and a carpet the key missing items here!) but decorating this room has shown me that a complete transformation can be pretty easy and inexpensive, with a little patience of course.




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