31 weeks and counting

So here I am, 31 weeks pregnant and now proudly sporting a bona fide baby bump. My last pregnancy related post was at around 15 weeks, and during the weeks since then I’ve blossomed into a fully fledged pregnant person (as opposed to the early-pregnancy me who just looked a bit like a woman who’d eaten a few too many Big Macs).

My use of the word ‘blossomed’ there may be slightly inaccurate. Take last week for example when I had a complete meltdown at 7am because my beloved maternity black skinny jeans were still damp, and I somehow could no longer fit into the Topshop maternity dress I thought was an investment because it ‘would see me through all stages of pregnancy’. I swear it must have shrunk a little bit in the wash, I can’t have suddenly got that big, can I? So off I went to work, wearing a hideous stretchy dress that was just about the only item of clothing that looked relatively smart, fit me, and was comfortable, and with blotchy eyes from my earlier tantrum. This was all made worse by the fact that I was heading to the theatre straight from work, probably one of the last outings as a couple without a small person in-tow.

To cheer myself up, I left work on-time for the first time all week, and headed to town to treat myself to various hair and beauty products in Boots (‘safe’ items that can only make you feel less like the gigantic lump you begin to feel at around this stage of pregnancy). But when did shopping for make-up in Boots suddenly become something that resembles a teenage girl’s bedroom in the run-up to a night out? I could barely get close enough to quickly grab my £1.99 mascara (Benefit and the like are now way out of my price range). I’m pretty sure some of them actually were getting ready for a night out there and then in the store. Maybe my tolerance levels have just got lower, after all, I am at my happiest sitting quietly in my comfy PJs these days.

Success finally came when a pregnancy-friendly looking tunic dress caught my eye as I walked past h&m, ogling all the clothes pre-pregnant me would have spent money on. Aside from 2 pairs of jeans and the aforementioned Topshop dress, I’ve had little luck finding maternity wear that’s to my taste and not extortionately priced, so any non-maternity item I spot that looks like it might accommodate a bump is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  This £14.99 dress brightened up my otherwise ‘low’ day, to the point that I even got changed in the shopping centre loo, and despite the general unpleasantness of such places, came out feeling and looking more like a ‘blossoming’ pregnant lady.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my pregnant body and it fascinates me every day when I feel baby’s movements, but the truth is that it takes a bit of getting used to. I almost didn’t realise how big I was and how much my body had changed until I tried and failed to get into clothes that I was convinced would make excellent maternity outfits. Whilst I am enjoying being pregnant, I also can’t wait to meet baby girl (and let’s be honest, get into some of those pre-pregnancy outfits again). I know there’ll be more ridiculous tantrums, before and after baby arrives, but at least for now the days when I dislike my body are greatly outweighed by those where I feel good and am just in awe of what my body is capable of.


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