Is a capsule wardrobe ever really achievable?

For a while now I’ve been dreaming of having a huge clear out and getting down to that mystical capsule wardrobe we hear so much about, but which seems incredibly hard to achieve.

My trouble is that I just enjoy buying clothes too much, but I could probably count the items I truly value on one hand.

I’ve been thinking more about this since last week, when I received a stern (and terrifying) telling off my by 5 year old niece, who I’m pretty sure wasn’t convinced that her uncle even lived in the same house as me when she failed to find any of his belongings in our bedroom.

This has always been the way in our house, and in fact, most women I know relegate their fella to the spare room when it comes to wardrobe space. But, given that I’m currently taking up two huge double wardrobes, and my other half has a sad looking Ikea wardrobe in the spare room (which I’d quite like to get rid of), I’ve started to feel a little ashamed of my clothes hoard.

I’ve also had an insight into how pleasing a limited wardrobe can actually be. Since being pregnant, I’ve unintentionally being living off a capsule wardrobe of sorts, and I have to admit it’s been enjoyable. As well as saving time when getting ready on a morning (goodbye multiple outfit changes), I’ve had to put more thought into the few new items I have bought: how much wear will I really get out of it? Will it last? Does it make me feel good? Will it go with the other things I can wear at the moment?

So, this is my aim over the next six months – to get my belongings down to just one of those wardrobes and let the fella have a bit more space for himself, and have a wardrobe full of quality pieces (by which I mean more Zara and less George at ASDA). I have serious doubts about whether I will actually achieve this, but let’s face it, in a couple of months when I have a small person to look after, I’m going to have to dress within seconds, and a scaled-down wardrobe can only help me with that.

Since moving house six months ago, at least four huge laundry bags of clothes have gone to charity, and with another one full to the brim and ready to go it’s a decent start…



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