Supermarket sweep

I’m a self-confessed snob when it comes to supermarket clothes. It’s great to be able to pick up basics like some new pjs, leggings or comfy knickers whilst grocery shopping, but shopping the latest trends along with a packet of fish fingers and a pint of milk? No thanks.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve given in to the temptation many times and you’ll find items from George at ASDA and F&F in my possession, but within a week my impulse buy has often been relegated to the back of the wardrobe, only to see light of day again when it goes into a charity bag.

However, my mind may have been changed this week, when on an emergency outing to buy new baby grows (I’m convinced there’s a washing machine monster that keeps swallowing them), I decided to ‘mix things up’ a bit by heading to Sainsbury’s (I’m usually more of an Aldi or ASDA kinda girl).

After having a little cry about that fact visiting a different supermarket to the norm now constitutes an interesting day out for me, I browsed the womenswear as well as the children’s section, and was pleasantly surprised at what I found.

The folk dress

Is there ever a season where the folk dress doesn’t make an appearance in one form or another? I think not. This one from Tu at Sainsbury’s has a gorgeous grown up print that won’t make you look like you’re floating around at Glastonbury. The dark green is the perfect tone to see you through to Autumn too.

Dress, Tu at Sainsbury’s, £18



The blouse

Ruffle-front blouses are everywhere for AW16, but this Sainsbury’s version is perfect if, like me, you’re a bit scared of looking like you’ve just stepped out of an 80s music video. No ruffles as such, but the pin tucks down the front and lace detail on the sleeves gives the same kind of vibe without being too over the top.

Blouse, Tu at Sainsbury’s, £18



Into the woods

I couldn’t end this post without mentioning the babywear I picked up. I don’t really need to say anything other than ‘OMG could they be any cuter?!’ I loved this range so much I actually bought one of the outfits 2 sizes too big so the little one can grow into it! Do they come in my size please?!….

3 piece St, Tu at Sainsbury’s, £12.50
4 piece set, Tu at Sainsbury’s, £16.50



The jury is still out on my overall opinion of supermarket fashion, but there’s definitely some good finds to be had. The prices are pretty good too, and with a messy little one I’m not going to mind too much when they get covered in dribble (she says as baby vomits milk over the shoulder of her new folk dress).


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