Backpack review: Le Pliage by Longchamp

If there’s anything worth spending a bit of money on, it’s a good quality bag. I wanted something practical (to fit in with my new life as a mum) and ‘grown up’, yet on trend, and Longchamp’s Le Pliage (translation: ‘the folding’, because guess what? it quite literally folds up into a neat little square) rucksack is just that.

Now, I’m a bit late to the Le Pliage party, as it’s been around for years, but the simple design means it will be on trend for years to come, if not forever. After originally browsing for the handbag or tote, I then discovered the backpack, and it was a no-brainer which to choose. As my life now involves taking a baby, a pram, and a nappy bag everywhere I go, I just simply don’t have enough hands for a handbag aswell. Plus backpacks just look a bit cool, don’t they?

The biggest decision was colour. Blue, black, yellow, brown…. the list goes on. I opted for fusil; you can never going wrong with grey.

Here’s a rundown of my favourite features of the Le Pliage backpack:

Price: Let’s start with the obvious. There’s no point going on about how fantastic this bag is, only to reveal at the end that it costs a month’s salary. At £60, this is an extremely affordable designer bag, and if, like me, you enjoy owning more ‘luxury’ items, but your budget would be better suited to Primark, then this could be the bag for you.

Size: Being petite, other backpacks often make me look like I’m off travelling for a week when I’ve actually just popped out for a pint of milk, but at 28 x 26 x 10cm, Le Pliage is the perfect size for the everyday essentials. It’s no good if you want to pile all your shopping in there as well, but as an alternative to a handbag, it’s great.

Durability: So, I haven’t used it enough yet to know how much wear and tear this bag can withstand, but, babies = mess, so the wipe clean nylon is perfect, or handy, if like me you have a habit of not putting lids back on drinks properly, or are likely to fling it down without looking, directly into a muddy puddle.

Detail: The gold hardware is just enough to give this bag an air of quality, without being over the top. The bag speaks for itself without the need for any ‘bling’ or logos plastered all over it.

Simplicity: As the longevity of Le Pliage has proven, the simplicity of the design is timeless. I won’t be going off this bag any time soon.

Which colour will you choose?




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