Chalk paint chair


A couple of weeks ago I bought two lovely chairs for £10 each (another charity shop find). I’d been looking for a chair to upcycle for my bathroom, but it just so happened that these matched my study perfectly so I bought them both, and being in good condition, left one of them exactly as it was.


I decided to give the other one a little refresh. I’ve been looking for an opportunity to try chalk paint for a while so this seemed like the perfect project for a beginner.

I started by removing the seat pad, which was helpfully just screwed into the base of the chair. I had some pinstripe material in my fabric stash that I knew would look good. As the red leather was in such good condition, I left it in tact underneath in case I ever want to go back to it. After cutting the fabric to size, I used a staple gun (Homebase, £9.99) to secure it in place, being careful not to over-stretch the fabric so that the stripes stayed straight.



I then roughly sanded the chair to remove the varnish with a Harris block sander; it’s like sandpaper on a sponge to get in those awkward areas. However, there were a few areas where I didn’t completely remove the varnish, and this seems to have reacted with the varnish I applied at the end, discolouring the paint in places. Oh well, you live and learn!

Next, I applied 2 coats of chalk paint. I used a tester pot of Rustoleum chalky finish furniture paint in flint, and watered it down until it was the consistency of double cream so it went a bit further, and applied smoothly.

After the paint was dry I applied a Polyvine matt varnish to protect the paint but keep that chalky look. As I mentioned, this seems to have reacted with any remaining original varnish, so I know next time to sand thoroughly. It all adds to that shabby chic look I suppose!




I’m pleased with the overall result, and very much like the finish achieved by using chalk paint. I’ve got a few other pieces of furniture lined up for the chalk paint treatment; better get my sandpaper at the ready first though!


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