£5 Plimsolls

These Vans style plimsolls, or some  variation of them, are everywhere at the moment, and have been for sometime. I never considered buying a pair, as I’ve owned several pairs of Vans in the past, which have been flogged for much less than retail price on eBay after a couple of months.

When I was out and about the other day, I spotted a rather chic looking young mum wearing a pair, coupled simply with some well-fitted skinny jeans and comfy jumper. Inspired, I kept my eye out for a pair, (not hard as they are literally everywhere) but given my past experience with shoes of this style I just wasn’t prepared to buy some with a huge price point.

I headed to Primark, a shop I’ve kept away from recently, not because I don’t like the clothes, but because the low prices often lead to impulse buys which turn into wasted money for me, and I find the quality often lacking. However, no one can deny that Primark are good at keeping up with current trends, so I knew they’d have what I was looking for. Even I didn’t expect them to be as cheap as £5 though!

Whilst my look is more ‘frazzled and tired’ than ‘chic’, I’m pretty pleased with these as they go somewhere towards achieving the look I’m after, and cost less than my train fare to town and back. If I end up wearing them until they are full of holes, (and maybe when I’m transformed into a stylish and sophisticated not-in-the-least-bit-tired-and-stressed mum)  then maybe I’ll think about investing in a pricier pair, but these’ll do for now!


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