Glasses Review: Ollie Quinn

Who or what is Ollie Quinn? I hear you ask. A bloody good glasses designer, that’s who.

I always have trouble finding glasses, partly because I would rather not have to wear them in the first place, and also because I’ve got quite a small face which means that a lot of frames stick out a few inches at the side of my head. There’s also the disappointing fact that the majority of frames make me look and feel like someone’s elderly great-aunt. Until I found Ollie Quinn, that is!

I stumbled across OQ a couple of weeks ago in Victoria Gate, Leeds. I hesitated for a minute before going in, as it looked way out of my price range, and despite the promise of all frames being £98, I felt there was surely a catch e.g. lenses tripling the price. (There’s no catch btw. It’s £98 for a complete pair of glasses with single vision lenses. Really).

There began one of the best shopping experiences of my life. It turned out the store had just opened that morning (which explains why I’d never heard of OQ before), and I was greeted by two very lovely and very enthusiastic sales-women, who excitedly thrust frame after frame at me as I tried on almost every pair in the shop. I luckily had my prescription with me, and guided by their honest advice, I settled on two pairs. They arrived by post less than two weeks later, complete with handwritten note and a free tote bag (I always get excited when there’s a tote bag on offer!).

The Ollie Quinn website describes themselves as ‘a motley crew of doers, thinkers, movers and creators’ with the speciality of ‘exceptional in-house designed eyewear at an affordable price’. Who can argue with that? If like me, you like quirky, on-trend design without being too ‘out there’, and good honest and friendly customer service, then I think this is the place for you.

Every design has a personality, and comes in several colours. Ollie Quinn even give each frame its very own name! I opted for ‘Pacey‘ and ‘Benjamin‘ in the end, but was quite honestly spoilt for choice.

It’s just a shame I don’t need to buy new glasses more often really.