Handbag Review: IKKS – The Soldier

Ever heard of IKKS? I hadn’t, until I bought a shirt from the bargain bin of a charity shop (yes, charity shops do have bargain bins), and as it still had the IKKS label attached I did a quick Google to find out just how much of a bargain I’d got.

Part of me regrets Googling this brand, as after less than a minute of browsing their website I had a wish list beyond what I can afford. Often bored of looking at the same old stuff on the high street, I just love discovering a new store. From what I can gather, this is a French brand, with only a handful of UK stockists which goes some way to explaining why I’d never stumbled across it before, although I’m surprised it’s never been brought to my attention by the many fashion magazines I read each month.

Anyhoo….being undecided about which of the clothes to ‘treat myself to’, I opted for The Soldier handbag, which I instantly fell in love with. I’m a great believer in investing in good quality bags and I’ve been looking for a black leather handbag for some time, but haven’t managed to find one the suits my budget and style.

The Soldier bag is simple, in that it has a couple of small inner pockets for your phone and keys, and just one compartment which can be closed with an inner zip fastening in the lining (I particularly like this fastening as it doesn’t pull the top of the bag together making it lose its shape). It’s a fairly large bag (27x47x16cm) but still great for every day use. The classic tote bag style, is given a bit of edge with the tassel trim (or you could opt for the studded version), and the calfskin leather is beautifully soft. I’m hoping that with a bit of care this bag will last a long time.

I was prepared to pay the full £240 for this, but IKKS seem to cleverly do regular sales for members, and after creating an account, found the price reduced to £168. Still not cheap, but much more affordable for a decent sized genuine leather handbag. My only slight disappointment was that it didn’t come with a dust bag, which I would have expected for the price, but, given that I never use the dust bags that any of my other bags have come with, it’s not really a problem!




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