Handbag Review: Coach Crossbody Clutch in Pebble Leather

I’ve been buying bags again. There was a good reason this time though; it was out of genuine need (I was attending a friend’s wedding and realised I didn’t have a suitable small bag to go with my outfit), and, the bigger reason, it’s also part of my current efforts to de-clutter*. Buying yet another bag may seem counter-intuitive, but let me explain: I have a lot of stuff, accumulated from years of picking up cheaply anything that catches my eye. This results in a large quantity of different variations of the same thing (in this case, bags), all of which I like , but none of which I value. My plan is to replace the large quantity of stuff I rarely use, with a small number of items I value and use day in day out.

Justification over; onto the review.

I’ll admit that I didn’t do a huge amount of research into different bags before I bought this. I’m a big fan of Coach, but have never owned anything from them, so headed there first. The Crossbody Clutch was just what I was after – simple and elegant in design, two zipped compartments, and the ability to use either as a crossbody for more practical use, or as a clutch on those fancier occasions. I bought mine from Fashionette, which with 30% off at the time took this to £118, and offered free returns, just in case I had any pangs of buyer’s remorse when it arrived. (It also came wrapped in tissue paper and a ribbon tied with a bow *grins with delight*).

Now, I must stress that this bag is small – probably the smallest I could ever get away with without having to leave any of the essentials at home, but, in my current de-cluttering mindset, this forces me to carry only what I need (as opposed to my usual large tote in which I can fit everything but the kitchen sink, and after a week becomes a sea of unwanted receipts). I had to downsize my purse, to my Fossil card holder which is a perfect fit, which is an added bonus as I’ce rarely had occasion to use it; that sits neatly in one compartment whilst my phone, a small notebook and keys live in the other.

I’ve already got more use out of this that I anticipated. Whenever I’m out with the little one I would just chuck all my belongings in the nappy bag, as negotiating a pushchair and handbag is near impossible, however, I now tend to take out my Coach Crossbody. It’s lightweight and unobstructive, and gives me easy access to all the important stuff.

I’ll always be a fan of the big old tote bag that can fit your whole life inside, and still opt for this when I’m not at an occasion or trying to manoeuvre a pushchair, but sometimes it’s just not practical. I feel like a more organised person when I don’t have to rummage around for ten minutes at the door to find my keys.

I’ve also got rid of at least 4 other bags, so my de-cluttering theory so far works 🙂

*I’m well aware that I did not need this bag at all. I don’t need any more bags. I just can’t help myself. My de-cluttering reason is a good one though, don’t you think?


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