5 unexpected skills learnt from motherhood

When you’re about to become a new mum, you expect there to be a huge learning curve. Everything is new, and everything is a challenge. However, I’ve acquired a few unexpected skills over the last year. None of this screams ‘supermum’, but I’m finding my own little ways of appearing capable of looking after a small person and generally holding everything together, despite the exhaustion and lack of any real skills in the parenting area!

I am now proficient in:

  • Successfully getting a nappy on and dressing a moving target
  • Singing ‘row your boat’ on repeat, whilst still keeping up with what’s going on in Orange  is the New Black, or whatever TV show I happen to be watching at the time (thank you, subtitles)
  • Making a cup of tea using only one hand
  • Drying my hair, getting dressed and putting on make-up in approximately 5 minutes flat, and still looking somewhat presentable
  • Managing a lot of my household cleaning with nothing other than a packet of baby wipes


What skills have you unexpectedly acquired?


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