TV Review: Craft it Yourself, Channel 4

I was pretty excited when I saw this advertised; I love craft shows, and even though I rarely make anything from them, I just like to know what the possibilities are if I suddenly find myself with a bit of time on my hands.

Craft it Yourself launched on Channel 4 this week, with presenters Clemency Green, Ant Antstead, and Robin Johnson. Each week they each demonstrate a variety of crafts to makeover a room in a particular theme. This week, a dining room got a Cuban makeover.

This isn’t your traditional craft show; it’s not all about sewing and knitting, and it’s obviously aimed at the Pinterest generation of crafters, but that’s no bad thing. I think it’s great that craft has had a bit of a revival. Craft is cool!

3 things I like about this show:

  1. It’s a craft show on Channel 4 which does not feature Kirstie Allsopp in any way. Now, I love Kirstie (Locations is one of my favourite programmes), but most of her makes are just a bit too twee for me. Craft it Yourself is much edgier than anything our Kirstie would do.
  2. It’s fast-paced. A lot was crammed in to an hour, preventing my attention from wandering. (Note: See point 3 below for another side to this).
  3. There was a good mix of makes for people with varying amounts of time and ability. For example, one of the makes involved drying and sandwiching leaves in a picture frame, which looked fab and I’m considering doing once I find a suitable plant. Pretty do-able. Another involved making your own knife, which, unless you happen to be or know a blacksmith, the average person is unlikely to do.

3 things I dislike about this show:

  1. The mini-makes shown between the main segments flew by so quickly that I could barely grasp what was going on. If you want to attempt these you’re going to need to hit pause.
  2. Footage of things not quite going to plan had been left in, which, whilst providing a reassuring pat on the back that even the experts make mistakes, seemed a bit unnecessary and cringey.
  3. The presenters got a little annoying after a while. But maybe I’m just not that cool anymore.

Makes I will consider trying:

  1. Leaf pictures
  2. Painting my own tiles
  3. Painting crockery

Makes I definitely will not be trying:

  1. Making a beaded chandelier
  2. Weaving a bench
  3. Making a knife

Will I tune in again?




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