DIY Abstract Art

I’m a HUGE fan of Mad Men, so much so, that I have visions of turning my study into a replica of Don Draper’s office.

What’s a key feature of any Sterling Cooper office space (apart from the endless supply of alcohol)? Abstract art.

The more I watch the show, I find myself paying more attention to the background that what’s actually going on. I recently found a website that takes you through all the artwork featured, and suggests their likely real-life inspiration, but, after browsing posters and prints of these well-known works, I decided that it would actually be much cooler to own a piece of original art. That’s when I found but found the choice overwhelming. I’d set myself a budget of £100, but to part with that much cash I really needed to fall in love.

With a bare wall staring at me (making me more anxious by the day since it already had a picture hook sticking out from a previous picture), I decided that if I couldn’t find a piece of art in a hurry, then I’d have a go at making one to fill the gap in the interim period. So, off I went to buy some cheap art supplies, fully prepared for it all to go very, very wrong.

I cannot draw. Fact. But I do know how to put a roll of masking tape to good use.

This  is the finished product, which, I am actually quite pleased with considering I had no plan whatsoever when I started.


How did I do it?

I used screen printing paint, as I already happened to have some, and with my colour palette in mind, began by roughly painting the background light grey. Once dried, I added a hint of blue.

I then set to work with my masking tape, creating triangles at random. Deciding the background was too blue, my last task was to add more grey, but you’ll notice that you can still see a lot of the blue round the edges of the shapes. Not exactly what I was going for, but it all adds to that ‘imperfect’ look that I quite like!

Hopefully I’ll own a piece of original art one day, that I fall head of heels in love with, but this will fill a gap for the time being. It might not be hanging in a gallery any time soon, but I found the whole process quite enjoyable and relaxing.

Anyway, its not to everyone’s taste, but, if you do fancy having a go it’s really cheap and easy.  I’m sure you can do a better job than I have!


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