Total Failure

Just over 2 weeks ago now, I published a post committing to 2 alcohol free weeks, but I’m ashamed to admit that I lasted little more than 2 days.

I started with the best of intentions, but a couple of days in, my partner (who I had not revealed my alcohol free intentions to), came home with a bottle of my favourite wine.

Now, in my defence, I didn’t rush in and open the bottle straight away. I spent a few hours deliberating how I would feel if I broke the promise I’d made myself, before the temptation became too much and my will power gave in on me and I poured a glass.

I’d like to say it ended with that one glass and the remainder of the fortnight was alcohol free, but once the commitment had been broken, it seemed pointless to carry on. A few days later I was invited to a friend’s new house for wine and take away (which I thoroughly enjoyed), then last night, my partner and I got a rare opportunity to go over the road to the local for a couple of hours whist grandma babysat. As I write this with a hangover that’s pretty much ruined my Saturday, I feel it’s time to make the commitment again, and stick to it this time.

There’s a few things I’ve learned during this attempt which I will keep in mind this time round, and a few things I’ll remind myself of:

  1. Make my commitment known to those closest to me, so that they don’t put temptation in my way and can remind me of the promise I’ve made myself. My will-power isn’t as strong as I thought it was.
  2. Remember how little I’ve got done today, and how much I could have done had I not been feeing so rough.
  3. The evenings I didn’t drink over the last couple of weeks, I was busy doing something else. For example, I sorted out the kitchen cupboards, did some painting, and sorted out some clothes. I need to remember how great it is to put time to better use than sitting with a glass of wine.
  4. Have nice non-alcoholic drinks in the house. That way, when temptation does strike, there’ll be an equally tempting alternative without the side effects.

I’m determined to do it this time. Wish me luck.



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