TV Review: Craft it Yourself, Channel 4

I was pretty excited when I saw this advertised; I love craft shows, and even though I rarely make anything from them, I just like to know what the possibilities are if I suddenly find myself with a bit of time on my hands.

Craft it Yourself launched on Channel 4 this week, with presenters Clemency Green, Ant Antstead, and Robin Johnson. Each week they each demonstrate a variety of crafts to makeover a room in a particular theme. This week, a dining room got a Cuban makeover. Continue reading

Au Revoir Alcohol

Even as I write this post, I’m seriously doubting whether to publish it, because doing so is making a commitment to temporarily have a break from alcohol, which I’m not convinced I can stick to.

I’m not really a big drinker as such; my days of staying out until the early hours and waking up at lunch time with a stinking hangover are long gone, thank goodness, but I am a frequent drinker, albeit in small amounts. That frequency seems to have increased recently, to the point that I realised 2 weeks had gone by and I’d had something pretty much every night. That might have just been a glass of wine, or a couple of G&Ts; never enough for me to feel drunk or wake up feeling rough, but I could tell that it was still taking a toll on me.

I felt tired, slow, bloated, and was getting nasty headaches, all of which improved with sticking to good old Tea for an evening, instead of hitting the G&T.

I often look forward to nothing more than getting home from a busy day at work, and relaxing with a nice glass of red, but drinking so frequently was even starting to take the enjoyment out of it, and the last thing I want is for it to become habit. I want to be able to really enjoy a glass of good wine, when I truly deserve it after a hard day.

That’s why, by writing this post, I am committing to 2 alcohol free weeks. I know it’s not a long time, but even before I start I know I’ll feel better for it, and I’m pretty sure I’ll even see an improvement on my waistline, as I dread to think the amount of calories my daily glass or two of wine have added up to.

I promise to be honest about whether I stick to this, but, as I write this with a glass of orange juice by my side, the challenge begins…

5 unexpected skills learnt from motherhood

When you’re about to become a new mum, you expect there to be a huge learning curve. Everything is new, and everything is a challenge. However, I’ve acquired a few unexpected skills over the last year. None of this screams ‘supermum’, but I’m finding my own little ways of appearing capable of looking after a small person and generally holding everything together, despite the exhaustion and lack of any real skills in the parenting area!

I am now proficient in:

  • Successfully getting a nappy on and dressing a moving target
  • Singing ‘row your boat’ on repeat, whilst still keeping up with what’s going on in Orange  is the New Black, or whatever TV show I happen to be watching at the time (thank you, subtitles)
  • Making a cup of tea using only one hand
  • Drying my hair, getting dressed and putting on make-up in approximately 5 minutes flat, and still looking somewhat presentable
  • Managing a lot of my household cleaning with nothing other than a packet of baby wipes


What skills have you unexpectedly acquired?

The Bathroom: Creating a Relaxing Space

The bathroom. My favourite room in the house. Partly because it’s the one room where I’m guaranteed a bit of quiet time (even if I have to pretend to be on the loo), but also because time in the tub is one of the few moments throughout the day when my mind isn’t switched on to work, how messy the kitchen is, or whatever challenge the little one has presented me with most recently.

I’ve most recently added a bit of personality to the walls, courtesy of these lovely Martha and Hepsie bird-themed prints. Is there any better time to have a tiny penguin reassure you that everything is going to be ok than when you’re relaxing in the tub? I think not.

Highland Cow Print: Lighthouse Lane

I rather love my new Highland Cow print from Lighthouse Lane; completes the cow wall nicely!

If you’re not lucky enough to get to Haworth, West Yorkshire, home of the Lighthouse Lane shop and where all their goodies are designed and made (as well as being home to the Brontës, of course), you can find them on Etsy too.

(Sorry about the glare in these photos; you get the idea).

Does anyone else have an animal themed art collection, or is it just me?

Handbag Review: Coach Crossbody Clutch in Pebble Leather

I’ve been buying bags again. There was a good reason this time though; it was out of genuine need (I was attending a friend’s wedding and realised I didn’t have a suitable small bag to go with my outfit), and, the bigger reason, it’s also part of my current efforts to de-clutter*. Buying yet another bag may seem counter-intuitive, but let me explain: I have a lot of stuff, accumulated from years of picking up cheaply anything that catches my eye. This results in a large quantity of different variations of the same thing (in this case, bags), all of which I like , but none of which I value. My plan is to replace the large quantity of stuff I rarely use, with a small number of items I value and use day in day out.

Justification over; onto the review. Continue reading

Motherhood – 1 year in: Keeping Positive

I’m a year into motherhood, and I’m not afraid to admit that I’m finding it tough. When our little one arrived, I expected the first few weeks and months to be challenging, but I’d sort of hoped that I’d have it all figured out by now. Truth is, as soon as we get over one challenge, another arises, and I’ve realised that I’ll probably never have it figured out. I don’t know if any parent ever does. Continue reading