Highland Cow Print: Lighthouse Lane

I rather love my new Highland Cow print from Lighthouse Lane; completes the cow wall nicely!

If you’re not lucky enough to get to Haworth, West Yorkshire, home of the Lighthouse Lane shop and where all their goodies are designed and made (as well as being home to the Brontës, of course), you can find them on Etsy too.

(Sorry about the glare in these photos; you get the idea).

Does anyone else have an animal themed art collection, or is it just me?


Handbag Review: Coach Crossbody Clutch in Pebble Leather

I’ve been buying bags again. There was a good reason this time though; it was out of genuine need (I was attending a friend’s wedding and realised I didn’t have a suitable small bag to go with my outfit), and, the bigger reason, it’s also part of my current efforts to de-clutter*. Buying yet another bag may seem counter-intuitive, but let me explain: I have a lot of stuff, accumulated from years of picking up cheaply anything that catches my eye. This results in a large quantity of different variations of the same thing (in this case, bags), all of which I like , but none of which I value. My plan is to replace the large quantity of stuff I rarely use, with a small number of items I value and use day in day out.

Justification over; onto the review. Continue reading “Handbag Review: Coach Crossbody Clutch in Pebble Leather”

Motherhood – 1 year in: Keeping Positive

I’m a year into motherhood, and I’m not afraid to admit that I’m finding it tough. When our little one arrived, I expected the first few weeks and months to be challenging, but I’d sort of hoped that I’d have it all figured out by now. Truth is, as soon as we get over one challenge, another arises, and I’ve realised that I’ll probably never have it figured out. I don’t know if any parent ever does. Continue reading “Motherhood – 1 year in: Keeping Positive”

Handbag Review: IKKS – The Soldier

Ever heard of IKKS? I hadn’t, until I bought a shirt from the bargain bin of a charity shop (yes, charity shops do have bargain bins), and as it still had the IKKS label attached I did a quick Google to find out just how much of a bargain I’d got.

Part of me regrets Googling this brand, as after less than a minute of browsing their website I had a wish list beyond what I can afford. Continue reading “Handbag Review: IKKS – The Soldier”

A trip to the library

Today I took the little one for her first visit to the library. Actually, it was more for my benefit than hers as I wanted to use the computers to print something out. I could have done it at work I suppose, but there’s always that worry that the one time you jam the printer will be when you’re printing that non-work document.

I’m ashamed to say that this was my first visit to the library in what must be years. Every time I heard of another library closure I feel incredibly sad, yet I, like most of us, just don’t make enough use of them anymore. Continue reading “A trip to the library”

No time to be sick

Since when did taking a day off sick become an opportunity to get shit done? After spending most of the Easter weekend coughing uncontrollably and generally feeling a bit rubbish, I came home from work on Tuesday feeling exhausted, achy, and pretty damn ill. I can’t tell you how much I loved my partner, when, seeing I was struggling asked me to wash bottles for the little one then said I should take myself off to bed at 7pm. Feeling no better (worse), when I woke the next morning, I called in sick and stayed in bed until lunch time.

A day at home with my partner around is a rare thing in our house, so despite feeling rotten, my mind turned to all the odd jobs that we never get round to, because they require someone to watch the little on so they can get done. So, wrapped in my favourite blanket and setting up camp on the sofa, I sent my other half off to the tip to get rid of the pile of old flooring that has been sitting in out front garden for the last week or so after we (finally, after a year of winging about the state of it and it driving me nuts) got our living room floor replaced. Our floor may be lovely now, but the piles of rubbish outside our front door was dragging down the nice appearance of our street. That’s not to mention the old sofa and armchair hiding down the alley waiting for a council collection.

While my partner took the little on out to run some errands, I then used the peace and quiet to do a bit of research and purchase a new toilet (exciting stuff) ready for some work we’re having done in the bathroom next month, get a bit of tidying done, and write this blog post. Later that evening, feeling much better, I set to work painting our living room doors.

I’m sure there was a time when being sick meant staying in bed drinking cups of tea and feeling sorry myself, but these days it’s chance to do all of the stuff that I just can’t get round to/can’t be bothered to do when I’m fit and well. This ultimately also results in an overwhelming feeling of guilt that if I can get this done I should in fact be at work, but, I knew when I got up and attempted to shower that it just wasn’t worth trying to go in. I hate calling in sick, and generally have to be feeling at death’s door in order to do so.

I’ve only had one day of annual leave so far this year, and if this week has taught me anything, it’s that it’s worth booking the odd day off regularly, if nothing else just to do the odd bit of housework and generally get my shit together.